a fallen angel

He was an angel I couldn’t keep from falling. So perfect. He was the keeper of people’s hearts, and the owner of mine. Four years now, only a short year after our friendship began. It wasn’t long until he faltered in his own ways, crumbling within under the pressure of the world. He tried everything […]

The Last Night

I remember the first time I saw true, raw evil. I was six. It came in the form of the hand behind my neck, the smell of semen. I will never forget those times when the repetitive movement was pleasure to him, and sickening to me. Sporadic and never consistent, I learned to always expect […]

The Fading Fire

Dear Guardian Angel, I Cross my heart and hope to die, Before I pray e’ery day, Believing you’ll stay, Even if I know it’s a lie: Often I thought of us growing older   Imagining you over my shoulder, Wearing thin by and by, A glorious image on replay. You aren’t a boy to sway. […]

The Model’s Nightmare

I was shuffling through some works of mine when I found this! It’s just an idea I had for a book, well, the beginning of at least. Hope you enjoy! It’s fictional thriller. Comment with any ideas or if you think I should continue! I ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. My lungs […]

Miserable Moonlight

This is the first time I’ve written a poem of this kind. I really hope you enjoy it. I’m extremely curious to hear what you think of it, what you gather, if it impacts you and how, and what you think it means. So please email or comment with suggestions and/or thoughts. (Email: theunknowntoall@gmail.com) Lowly, […]